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We are now open as of Thursday, May 28th.
Hope to see you soon!

~We will not be keeping regular hours so please call ahead.
~We also will not be doing mini treatments for the time being.

What we are doing to keep our clinic and patients safe:

~limiting staffing and public traffic in our clinic
~wearing masks
~washing and sanitizing hands frequently
~limiting time spent in clinic by patients (eg. do not come to ~your appointment early or bring an entourage)
~disinfecting surfaces like door handles, counters, chairs,          bathroom, etc. regularly between appointments
~increasing outside airflow
~temporarily halting tea service
~temporarily halting mini treatments in the waiting area
~monitoring patients’ temperature and blood oxygen levels

Red Sage Health is a family and community based clinic and herb shop. We strive to make holistic, earth-friendly medicine available to everyone. Since 2000, we have provided acupuncture, shiatsu, high-quality organic Chinese herbs, therapeutic-grade essential oils, as well as a wide range of herbs and vegetables grown organically on our farm in the Baraboo Hills. We acknowledge that modern American health care is an expensive, symptom-driven and basically broken system, and are attempting to provide an alternative based on empowerment, affordability and true healing, even of deep-seated chronic conditions. Laurel, Scott, Genevieve and John work very hard to meet these goals every day, and we welcome your inquiries and feedback.

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